Advanced Pick Up

Advanced pick up is a ride scheduled with at least 48hr advanced notice. Advanced scheduled rides can be scheduled by contact our office via phone or email.

Advanced Weekly Pick Up

Advanced Weekly Pick Up

Advanced weekly pick up is our most popular scheduled ride. Advanced weekly pick up is considered routine pickups and drop offs to the same location. Because advanced weekly pick ups are scheduled in advanced there's no need to call our office. The parent receives an email each week confirming the schedule. 

On Demand Pick Up

On Demand Pick Up is a ride scheduled within 24hrs.  Child must be pre-registered and there is a 5.00 surcharge applied to all On Demand rides. Contact our office at 855-577-2323 or email us at for more information.

Each child is required to be registered with LiftUp Kids before services can be rendered. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment with a parent liaison to register your child(ren).

Rides are based upon mileage. One way rides start at 13.00. Click here to receive our pricing guide.